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Zerona Low Level Laser Therapy vs. CoolSculpting

Written By San Diego Laser Fat Loss on March 24, 2022

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Getting rid of stubborn fat in your waist, hips, and thighs really is as simple as visiting San Diego Laser Fat Loss. Our team uses innovative methods and current technology to trim stubborn fat. Many patients ask about the differences between Zerona Z6 (Low Level Laser Therapy) and CoolSculpting. There are major differences in approach and application with varying results of fat loss, pain, reduction of health levels, and scar tissue.

The Differences Between Zerona Laser Therapy vs. CoolSculpting

Zerona laser treatment is a painless and scarless way to reduce fat. As the name suggests, this treatment uses lasers to target specific areas of your body. Many patients opt for Zerona laser treatment because it produces immediate results and is completely pain-free. If you are working through a weight loss program, Zerona accentuates your weight loss efforts.

CoolSculpting is a different type of body sculpting treatment that eliminates fat bulges in different areas of the body by freezing and destroying fat cells. While it is non-invasive, many patients report that it is painful, causes bruising, and is likely to require for you to take some time off to recover from the procedure. When comparing sessions and results, Cool Sculpting is much more expensive.

Additionally, it is important to note that CoolSculpting destroys cells which will affect the patients' long term health and also likely to cause adjacent fat cells to engorge during the following years. It is not the best choice when compared to the Zerona Z6.

While the type of treatment you select is a personal choice, Zerona Low Level Laser Therapy is a more practical option.

Beware of CoolSculpting sales pitches that claim it’s a safe and effective procedure. 

Quality Zerona Laser Therapy in San Diego

Find out if Zerona Low Level Laser Therapy is right for you. Schedule an appointment at San Diego Laser Fat Loss at (858) 672-8511.

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