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Understanding Your Body's Biochemistry - at an elementary level.

Written By San Diego Laser Fat Loss on July 23, 2020

Your nervous system controls the production of hormones from many glands and organs from your body. The amount needed and produced is typically governed by other factors of your current health and diet; i.e. if you're stress levels are excessive, your body create excess levels of Cortisol and your body attempts to balance this excess amount with other hormonal or biochemistry activities.
Also, it's important to know that major organs perform their ‘duties' as long as they receive the appropriate amount of biochemistry. For instance, the Thyroid functions well and you never know it! But is if functions poorly, you will have symptoms, such as ‘thinning of your hair' or ‘the loss of the lateral 1/3 of your eyebrows' or ‘chronic fatigue' or ‘carrying excess weight that simply cannot go away'. When these symptoms arrive, a person typically has no idea to relate the Thyroid Gland to the cause.
Unfortunately, by the time a laboratory reports (blood work) shows your Thyroid markers are either too high or more likely ‘too low', the MD will begin a lifelong Rx for thyroid medications. Fortunately, Functional Medicine has the design to address symptoms and identify the major organs or glands involved and provide a healthy diet or supplementation assignments to keep the body's biochemistry in better performance - and often reverse symptoms.
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