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Zerona Z6 COLD Laser is not COOL Sculpting

Written By San Diego Laser Fat Loss on June 22, 2020

We are asked all the time; ‘if this is like cool sculpting?'. The answer is ‘No'. While cool sculpting has done an excellent job in marketing, Zerona Z6 Cold Laser is completely different. The Zerona Z6 Cold Laser is a revolutionary safe effective way to remove fat and inches. There is no contact, no surgery, no downtime, no recovery, no bruising, no swelling, and no pain. We need our fat cells! Your fat cells influence your endocrine system which controls all the hormones in your body. So when you permanently remove and/or permanently damage fat cells resulting dysfunction occurs. Zerona Z6 Cold Laser is a safe, not invasive way to lose fat and inches without damage or removal of your fat cells. Zerona Z6 Cold Laser is working with your body to improve your appearance and your health. The Zerona Z6 Cold Laser opens the fat cell and emulsifies the fat from your fat cells thus reducing the size of your fat cells. Then the fat is flushed out through your body's natural detoxification processes. The lymphatic system removes the released fat from your body through movement and increased activity such as; a daily brisk walk. You will need to drink lots of water, 1 liter per 50 pounds of body weight to flush out the fat through your liver and kidneys. The Zerona Z6 Cold Laser is kind and gentle to your body with improved collagen in the skin. Improved mitochondrial function to help repair damaged cells. Zerona Z6 Cold Laser is a healthy way to lose fat and inches!

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