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How does it work?

Written By San Diego Laser Fat Loss on May 21, 2020

We are using the Zerona Z6 class 2 cold laser. The laser works without touching your body. The Zerona Z6 emits a red rotating light placed perpendicular to your body about 4 inches away. There are six laser light diodes places in the areas where you want to lose fat. The laser is turned on and you'll lay face down for 20 minutes and face up for 20 minutes. While the laser is working it is opening up the fat cells and emulsifying the fat. Thereby releasing the fat into the interstitial layer just below the skin. You'll be asked to drink l liter of water per 50lbs of body weight. This will flush out the fat for the next 50 - 72 hours through the bodies natural detoxification processes. Any fat that is not flushed out will be resorbed. So drink your water while avoiding alcohol and caffeine. Adding movement is also essential to activate the lymphatic system. A daily 20 - 30 minute brisk walk will do the trick.

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